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Our Elderly Care Services

  • Social homely environment for all elderly
  • Alzheimer’s & Dementia patients
  • Frailty
  • Parkinsonism
  • Spinal cord injury care
  • Stroke care
  • Intermediate & Long term care
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residental care for old aged people

Residential Health and Social care Services

Our elderly care services and residential care is packaged with lodging, food, geriatic nursing care under the guidance of doctor and geriatric counseling will be availed for the elderly people with or without chronic medical conditions that require stabilization, and/or are dependent on oxygen, and also for those who are being dependent for daily life in the absence of family members/care providers at home. 
Taking into consideration the long duration usually associated with the recovery of a geriatric patient, our care will accommodated to admit those who discharge from hospital for recovery. We offer our clients the option on of long-term stay in a comfortable room with required facility. Clients will receive care from interdisciplinary team, can enjoy nutritious meals, and access different relevant facilities including physiotherapy as required.

Day Care Services

Day care services at Health Home Care Nepal Centre will be provided from 9 am – 5 pm for 6 working days. Basic elderly care services includes health monitoring, physical exercises, yoga & other different recreational activities, that include listening to music, movies, games, cooking, spiritual talks, bhajans.
The objective is to provide stimulus on to the clients who otherwise would have stayed in relatively isolated in their respective homes. This service would be especially beneficial to people who need day care in the absence of family members. Pick up & drop services will be provided for day care clients.

day care for old aged people
referral care for old aged people

Referral and linkages for Health Care

Health problems identify among clients will be addressed with support from the network of specialized doctors & health care facilities facilitated to our center. Whenever the problems among the clients will be beyond the control of the center it will be referred to other health care services like hospitals & other NGOs working in different areas in health.
Linkages with other facilities will be developed.(Team of specialized doctors in relation to chest, heart, gastric, joint, liver, kidney, Neurology is formed under the umbrella of this Health Home Care Nepal Pvt. Ltd).

(Note: Basic needs for the survival are food and shelter. Hence the nutritious food in required intervals will be provided for day care and residential client in center. Regarding shelter comfortable accommodation will be provided and maintained as far as possible within the available resources).

Period of stay at center for each client will be based on desire of client/family members/condition of client

Cost of service per client: Affordable cost for different package of service hence needs to contact health home.

Contact Us for more details.

Program Staff: Specialized Doctors/Staff nurse/ANM/ CMA/Lab technician/BSAs

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elderly person being cared
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