Nepal is a developing country in globe with multitude problems hindering development and increasing burden to the people. There are different issue and concerns in Nepal which are hindering human development as a result people of all age groups suffering from different aspects.

So, to address holistic aspect of development in people of country, “Help for Change”, a non-profit organization is established in 2015. We established this organization to help all categories of people of all ages (children, adult, elderly) here through eliminating the factors that causing the detrimental impact on people as well as through building an environment that support on creation of holistic development with healthy society.

Help for change contributes in different aspects like medical support and care, social security, socio-economic support, information, education and communication. HFC have emergency support in earthquake in phasic manner; first phase of emergency relief and support, second phase of medical care, third phase of sanitation and disease prevention and fourth phase of reconstruction and fifth phase of creating socio-economic independency. HFC conduct different project in coordination and collaboration with supporting agencies with common goal sharing plan, resources and activities.

We believe in faith to help others as responsible being.

Vision: Safe, Secure and Healthy society

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With the help of your financial support, our organization will be able to support a large number of elders. Your small donation can help make a huge difference. We would be very grateful if you could support the cause by providing a generous donation.

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

-Winston Churchill