In the quest for a clinical support and care to my mother in law aged 76, we finally came across Health Home Care Nepal in Sanepa. I must say that despite the social taboo about an Old Aged Home in our country, talking of clinical support home facility to the senior citizen may seem too early. But the ground reality shows the urgent growing need of these as we met several families known to us in Health Home Care within two months of our stay. It would not have been easy for all of them including us to come out of such taboo. The center was also always full. In addition, due to the specialized service and personal attention we found the medical diagnosis of the inmates at the center was much better. So several problems pertaining to a senior citizen could now be better diagnosed and attended. This has helped my mother in law also to a great extent as we found a dozen of other problem which were not elaborated by the other senior doctors and hospitals who attended her in the past.

Due to the friendly behavior of the nurses and homely environment, this place seemed not away from home either. That is another value addition that we found here despite few areas where we may think the infrastructure for old aged people should have been a little different. I sincerely look forward to support and promote Health Home Care as of their motto “exclusively for the senior citizen” and congratulate Prof. Dr. Lochana Shrestha and her team for this innovative social entrepreneurship to address the growing need of the senior citizens. I salute her courage and passion for their care despite we still need to go a long way. I understand she personally has in the past taken care of their parents over the years. So she knows and she can feel the need, the pain and the vacuum. Because of her and her team so many elderly people has benefit of getting this acute service. We need to expand and extend these in days to come. I must not forget to mention people like “Raj Ba” the inmates of the center who also make and live the center as home and make others feel at home.