Mr Raj Bahadur Manandhar

Me (Mr Raj Bahadur Manandhar) and My wife (Mrs Shanta Manadhar) joined this Health Home Care Nepal on 28th Shrawan, 2070. We were advised by our only one daughter Shara Manandhar, civil engineer residing at Auburn in Sidney, Australia, and my two sisters in laws. First time when I visited this Health Home Care Nepal I was very much impressed. My wife had left knee replacement surgery at Nepal Medical College, Jorpat, Kathmandu on 4th Baishakh, 2069. It became failure because of her over weight (Obesity) and lack of necessary exercises. I was taking care of her regularly for 1 and 1/2 years but result was not good. I had internal bleeding and joined Kantipur Hospital for five days. After the treatment and having 3 pints of blood transfusion I returned home safely. After that I had no courage to look after her. After that we landed here and we are quite satisfied with medical and non medical services provided by Dr.Lochana Shrestha, her husband Dr. Sunil Shrestha, trained nurses/sisters services, Nutritious food cooked by Mrs. Ganga phuyal, two administrative officers Mrs. Rosy pradhan and Mrs. Pramila shrestha and other attendants. We are given balance diet from early morning (7am) till dinner (7pm) in two hours intervals. We had regular exercises and physiotherapy. Here we have blood transfusion, dressing, IV drip, and Oxygen, nebulizer facilities in relation to medical facility. Consultation service wherever it is necessary. Last November, 2013 my only one Son Sharaj Manandhar came to Nepal for one month leave. He is currently residing in America. During his stay in Nepal, he had lodging and fooding at this Care Home. He also advised both of us to stay here till we like. His advice is the sign of his satisfaction at this Health Home Care Nepal. After coming here I lost my insomnia problem and tension free in every sense. I used to sleep 45 minutes in twenty – four hours but it a magic surprise for me because now a days I sleep seven hours in this care home. It is especially meant for Elderly people. It provides lodging, good food with medical facilities. Two/three trained nurses and attendants provide 24 hours services. Dr. Lochana Shrestha never misses to pay visits to every Elderly people twice a day and if necessary she does not mind to visit anytime. Every Elderly people enjoy homely atmosphere here. Recreational activities like bhajan/yoga are too held here frequently. May God bless this Health Home Care Nepal for its expansion to provide more services to more Elderly people ever who are in need of this kind of services.

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