Ranjan Uprety

Let our mother Laxmi Devi Uprety’s soul rest in peace. Wife of late Dilli Prasad Uprety, Daughter in law of the legend Devi Prasad Uprety, Mother of Manisha Desai, Amrit and Ranjan Uprety. Mother in law to Umesh Desai and Urvashi Uprety. Grandmother to Pallavi Desai, Rakshit and Riddhi Uprety.

Due to Dementia, my mother was under treatment and care for a long time till her expiry date with Army Hospital on duty Dr. Lochana Shrestha, Health Home Care Nepal Pvt .Ltd. Sanepa, Lalitpur. I would like to thank doctor and her team for her medical service to my beloved mother. Thank you Dr. Lochana once again from our relatives and friends too for your motherhood, medical services and care. May god always bless you for the way you served like MOTHER as in DOCTOR. Respect and humble bow for my lifetime to you: Dr.Lochana and your team.

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