Dr. Phanindra Upadhyaya

Old Age Home for Graceful Living!
Our mother, who is 88 years old now, was one of the most active women till the age of 83. She moved around a lot, had frequent friends and family gatherings and took lead in organizing various activities, both religious and social, in her circle. She has travelled to most of parts of India, few countries in Europe and several times to the USA. However, suddenly after she turned 84, she started isolating herself from her friends and family members. Though healthy and very health conscious from very early age, she now started suspecting that she was suffering from multiple serious terminal illnesses. We took her to several doctors in India and Nepal and she was diagnosed with some kind of depression. Since then, we started taking utmost care of her and hired two experienced caretakers for her. But her situation deteriorated and by 2020 she completely shut herself in a room and from late 2021 she had to go on diapers as well due to mild dementia. This was when we realized that our mother now needed expert geriatric care that would provide her with a physical and social environment which would help her to be socially, physically and mentally active.

While on the lookout for a specialized geriatric home where our mother would experience a socially, mentally and physically secure environment, we came across Dr. Lochana Shrestha’s Health Home Care Nepal in Sanepa, Lalitpur. We visited the place and were highly impressed by the overall environment provided for the senior citizens who needed specialized help. We found Dr. Shrestha to be a highly experienced medical practitioner with a seriousness of purpose. She, along with her team, provided the best possible care to the residents living in her home. In short, her dedication and consistent desire to provide the best care possible is noteworthy. This home is definitely a social place, which provides opportunities for all the social, cultural and physical activities that help the well-being and quality of life for healthy aging. My mother showed signs of improvement in just 15 days of stay at the Home. Today she is happy and enjoys her stay at Dr. Shrestha’s Home.

We highly appreciate Dr. Lochana Shrestha and her team’s sincere efforts to bring a positive and much needed change in the life of senior citizens living in her Home.

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